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Beer Illustration graphic designWell it was a headache and it took long enough, but the day is here. Our drinking blog is up and running and while it may take some time to really get going, we’re here and raising our glasses to the beginning of something great!

There are few things that have the variance as drinking culture. As much as you don’t see a frat of college jocks, James Bond, or the literary greats of old having much in common each is another part of the wide, wide area that’s drinking culture.

The title should make it clear what aspects we’re most interested in, and from our local James Bond & Rat Pack aficionado to The Vodka King (a literal blues song was written about his college drinking exploits as an undergrad) to the writer who has a dozen friends with their own version of the “Shane Rule” to prevent drinking adventures from getting out of control, we’re all about the drinkers who really embrace the most interesting, intense, and remarkable parts of what makes drinking culture so great.

So if you found this website early, bookmark it and make sure to come back to visit us. The going early on might be slow but we are taking the time to do it right and to get something great going here. Thanks for visiting – and stay classy!

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